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Here is where my Music Medicine has its online home. I invite you to witness and support my relationship with song for self-awareness empowerment, nature and community connection, and global healing. 

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Sacred Woman Project


The song Sacred Woman I Am has brought joy and good medicine to a lot of people. It warms my heart to receive emails and letters from friends and strangers alike, sharing gratitude and touching stories of how much this song means to them. For many, it is an empowering mantra to sing both alone and in a group. It is a beautiful reminder of our Sacredness and Oneness with the Earth and her elements, which nobody can take away from us, although at times we may forget. It brings strength, comfort, a sense of Sisterhood, the feeling that none of us are alone, even as we must take responsibility for our individual journeys by ourselves. It is up to each of us to find our power-- our medicine--and use it. 

For this project, I am painting stones with images of Women's bodies, of all shapes, sizes and colours. The lyrics of the Sacred Woman song have been written on the back of each stone. When I feel so called, I set one down in a particular public place or natural space to be discovered. My hope is that in putting it down when I listen to my heart, it will be found by somebody who needs to find it. 

If even one Woman in need of comfort and love finds a stone, and it brings her a sense of calm, or peace, or groundedness, then the project will be a success.

If you are inspired to, you can infuse your love and support into this project by either purchasing a stone to keep or to hide, or by donating, so that I can continue with the work I do, in gratitude. Thank you so much for your beauty.

Upcoming Events

Previous events

HeartSong Weekend Intensive

 —  —

With Kate Sutherland and Kim Brodey, Rosseau, Ontario

Deepen Your Relationship with Song over a weekend of focused and inspired mini-workshops, song sharing circles, time spent in nature, good food and good company. We will meet you where you're at, and gently push the edges of your comfort zone wider through witnessed and held song experience. Explore tools for integrating song into your daily life, as a connection practice for relating to the natural world and yourself.

You don't have to be a song writer, or experienced singer to attend. This workshop is for you and your voice, wherever you find yourself.

Energy Exchange: Early Bird (up to Jan 31): $295 After Jan 31: $335

Exploring Women's Gifts & Responsibilities

 —  —

Rosseau Sanctuary, Rosseau, Ontario

Hello Friends!

Do you ever feel a rising within you, a glimpse-feeling of something powerful wanting to emerge into full expression? Perhaps it's accompanied by a sense of calmness, deep inner knowing, fear, restlessness, urgency, helplessness, joy, snippets of clarity and truth, or of surrendering to mysteries yet to unfold...?

Take Courage! Embrace your Beauty.

Join me in celebrating and exploring our Sacred Gifts & Responsibilities through song medicine, art, nature meditation time, body movement, heart-conversation and ceremony.

This gathering is open to anybody who identifies as being a woman. Please note that some of our discussion will likely enter the realm of the Sacred Gifts of the Feminine that are directly related to female biology-- e.g. Vision Medicine of Moontime, the Womb, and Childbirth.

The Rosseau Sanctuary offers beautiful space, both inside the spacious log house and in the nature surrounding.

Energy Exchange: $350 (includes delicious food and accommodations, art materials)

Early Bird discount: $325 (Register before October 1)

Space is Limited!

Lots of Love, In Sisterhood, Kate

Song Stirring

 —  —

Guelph Outdoor School, Eden Mills

Is there a bubbling well of song in your heart, wanting to emerge?

Are you interested in exploring moving song into the world by tapping into a deeper source of inspiration, beauty and connection?

This workshop is for you!

All voices welcome, no previous experience necessary.

Tickets Available Soon

Nature and the Gifts of Music & Storytelling

 —  —

8 Shields Institute @ Wooten Woods, Only, Tennessee

I'm stoked and honoured to be joining as part of the facilitation team for this amazing event run by the 8 Shields Institute.

Please Join Us in beautiful central Tennessee, for a One of a Kind Experience with Special Guests Melanie DeMore, Victor Wooten and Jon Young, as we Create Community Around Nature and Music and Celebrate The Power in Every Voice!

Genius and creativity are accessible to all of us through practices of mindfulness in nature. Join us for a weeklong exploration of the ways in which we can develop our own artistic relationship with the natural world, receiving, through all of our senses, the elements that can form a song, a poem or a story. Expressing these elements, in small groups as well as the larger village, offers the ideal scene of bringing our creative treasures forth in a supportive community of practice. The invitation is there to catch, to share and to receive from others, practicing the art of deep listening. A team of skilled facilitators will guide our journey using the renowned and highly effective 8 Shields’ mentoring model to uncover the gifts of creativity and power that lie within each of us.

Click on the Tickets Link for more event details, and to Register.

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