May the Songs open and nourish you, may the Art inspire you, may the Martial Arts allow you to quiet your mind and experience the connective gifts of your body. 


Every aspect of our multi-faceted humanness-- body, mind, heart, spirit-- needs to move (sing! breathe! dance! pray! wrestle!) in order to thrive.  Movement is not only soul-awakening medicine for our individual selves, but our journey of its creative embodiment also supports global healing.


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Petals in pen

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Featuring botanical line drawings in high-quality digital file format for your own printing pleasure for wall art, decals, tattoos, etc. The beautiful illustrations are also printed on mugs and stainless steel water bottles and make a great gift.

My Birth Month Flower series is complete!

Stay tuned for my culinary herb series, coming soon.


NEW PROJECT - Staying In Joy Book

Stories & Reflections from Friends & Family

The focus of the book is on what keeps us smiling during times of uncertainty and challenge, and how we do it. Two years into a global pandemic, I'm sure you'll agree there are A LOT of folks who could benefit from such a book!

Hardship is part of the human experience that we all endure from time to time, even those of us who seem to "have it all figured out." How we manage our struggles shows up differently for each of us and this beautiful display of our uniqueness can be extremely helpful and inspiring to others.  Sharing insights into what works for us when we need a boost helps to spread some light, and trade and plant seeds of hope and motivation.

Standing in Joy is a much-needed collection of passion, practices, and experience-based wisdom for staying sane, feeling grounded and knowing joy, even when the world around us gives us many reasons not to. 

I believe we can learn a lot from each other, and we never know whose life might be changed for the better from hearing our story.  

Your contribution to this campaign will help to put something positive and heart-warming into peoples' hands. In today's global climate, that is a real gift. 


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