Every aspect of our humanness-- that is, our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual selves-- needs movement in order for us to thrive.  This site is where you will find gifts and tools I have to share, in alignment with living awakened and inspired. 

Song, Art, and Martial Arts... because movement is medicine not only for our individual selves, but to support global healing.


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Upcoming Events

Due to these pandemic times, in-person gatherings are on hold for the time being. In the meantime, if you are interested in online training in Kung Fu, Creative Expression (Art and Song) and/or Heart Share community connection calls, check out the Graceful Warrior Wellness Training journey. I'm also available for private mentoring

Previous events

Preparing our Hearts for Winter

 —  —

Hastings, ON

Join us for a weekend of heart and spiritual "detox" as we take a look at our inner landscapes, and explore how we continue to grow on our Human Journey.

Just as the winds of fall bring a change of energy to the world around us—in these parts we see leaves turning brilliant colours before the tree releases them to the ground—we too will respond to the moving of the seasons, as reflected by our inner natures. Let us consciously harvest the blessings of this past growing season, and work to let go of anything we’re ready to shed for the purposes of growth and renewal. Like the trees and those leaves—we will come to recognize the beauty of our lessons, before letting die what no longer serves us.

Lighten your heart, so that in a few weeks when the snow falls gently down to cover the earth, you are ready to let new seeds germinate, nourished by the wonderful “compost” of the previous season.

Our process will involve the practices of

Chi Kung and/or Yoga Asking good questions and journaling, Sharing, listening, and being witness to each other, Creating intentional art, Bringing our voices together in song for the purposes of connecting deeper, and supporting each other in our catharsis. Eating good food and enjoying beautiful fires! Energy exchange for the weekend: sliding scale $225 - $275 (includes some meals, snacks and hot drinks, and art materials)

This is an outdoor event, so bring a tent and warm clothes so you can stay the nights feeling ALIVE and COMFORTABLE!

To register, please contact Sasha Padron at sasha.padron@gmail.com

A Day for Songbirds

Wasaga, Ontario

GET TOGETHER WITH COMMUNITY AND EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF SINGING Morning for Families 11-11:45 am - $25/individual, or $35/family

Join Kate in singing some new (and maybe some familiar!) nature songs. This portion will be a combination of performance, and participation in singing and use of props. We will do some animal-form movements and other activities to engage the senses as we explore our voices together.

Potluck Lunch Break - 12 - 1pm

Afternoon for Older Birds (age 15 and up) 1-4 pm - $35/person

Dive deeper into meaningful songs that can become powerful tools and positive mantras in your life. Kate will break down beautiful harmonies and multi-layer "good message" songs, and bring all voices together in the experience of song. Kate will also share the origin stories behind her and other songwriters' work, so that the accurate lineage can carry through as you go forward and perhaps share these songs with others.

When we sing with our truest voices, we can feel connection with everything around us. Kate will integrate self-exploration exercises and nature connection routine, which can help you on your own song-writing journey, and put you in touch with your true inner voice.

Bndfire - 4-5 pm Free

(weather permitting)

Let's get together for a casual song-share. Kate will hold the container for the circle, and everyone is welcome to bring a song or two to share. This is a good opportunity to practice your own song-teaching skills, and/or to just enjoy the age-old tradition of singing in community, around a crackling fire.

HeartSong Weekend Intensive

 —  —

With Kate Sutherland and Kim Brodey, Rosseau, Ontario

Deepen Your Relationship with Song over a weekend of focused and inspired mini-workshops, song sharing circles, time spent in nature, good food and good company. We will meet you where you're at, and gently push the edges of your comfort zone wider through witnessed and held song experience. Explore tools for integrating song into your daily life, as a connection practice for relating to the natural world and yourself.

You don't have to be a song writer, or experienced singer to attend. This workshop is for you and your voice, wherever you find yourself.

Energy Exchange: Early Bird (up to Jan 31): $295 After Jan 31: $335

Nature and the Gifts of Music & Storytelling

 —  —

8 Shields Institute @ Wooten Woods, Only, Tennessee

I'm stoked and honoured to be joining as part of the facilitation team for this amazing event run by the 8 Shields Institute.

Please Join Us in beautiful central Tennessee, for a One of a Kind Experience with Special Guests Melanie DeMore, Victor Wooten and Jon Young, as we Create Community Around Nature and Music and Celebrate The Power in Every Voice!

Genius and creativity are accessible to all of us through practices of mindfulness in nature. Join us for a weeklong exploration of the ways in which we can develop our own artistic relationship with the natural world, receiving, through all of our senses, the elements that can form a song, a poem or a story. Expressing these elements, in small groups as well as the larger village, offers the ideal scene of bringing our creative treasures forth in a supportive community of practice. The invitation is there to catch, to share and to receive from others, practicing the art of deep listening. A team of skilled facilitators will guide our journey using the renowned and highly effective 8 Shields’ mentoring model to uncover the gifts of creativity and power that lie within each of us.

Click on the Tickets Link for more event details, and to Register.

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