About Kate Sutherland... and what She's About

Movement is Medicine! Every aspect of our humanness-- that is, our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual selves-- needs movement in order for us to thrive. If we are "stuck" in any one of these dimensions, our wellbeing begins to decline. My work is about helping people to recognize their relationship with movement in all of these areas, and learn how to work with it in order to perpetuate growth and support personal thriving.  I achieve this through heart-led creative vision, primarily in the areas of song creation and sharing, inspired art projects, martial arts training, Exploring Women's Gifts workshops and one-on-one mentoring. 

In my experience, martial arts, visual arts and music are a wonderful creative bundle to explore and strengthen all aspects of our beautifully diverse nature. Spending time in wild spaces/nature is woven into all of these practices, and is absolutely essential to our wellbeing.  

My Experience  

One of my strongest gifts and tools for reaching people is song-writing. I have a background in classical piano, and I play guitar, but mostly I love to sing. Since my early teens I have written and shared hundreds of songs, and I use this medicine to (re)connect people with their birthright to sing, to inspire movement and growth, to bring positivity, hope, love and healing into the world. Check out the music store page to listen to some of my songs.  

Visual arts training has been part of my life since childhood. I come from a family of artists, the most influential of which is my mom Jane. Since our toddlerhood, Mom always provided my sisters and me with an art-room and all the drawing, painting, sculpting and crafting supplies we ever needed. I loved and elected art classes all through school, and completed a bachelor's degree in painting and drawing and psychology at Concordia University in Montreal. Drawing is my favourite, and I love free-lance work in the areas of portraiture, logo design, and tattoo art. 

As for my martial arts background, I have been training in one form or another since I was eight years old.  I competed provincially and nationally in Judo throughout my childhood and teen years, and at age sixteen I achieved my shodan (black belt). I continued practicing Judo on-and-off during my university years, and afterwards while living abroad. After college came marriage and kids, and so it wasn't until my mid 30's that I discovered Kung Fu. The holistic mind-body-spirit aspect of the training was exactly what I needed, and after almost four years of dedicated practice, I achieved the rank of black sash in November of 2020, two days before my 38th birthday. I'm currently practicing Muay Thai in Orangeville. 

It is my honour and joy to share these Gifts with you all.