Preparing our Hearts for Winter

Harvesting Gifts of the Growing Season & Releasing What No Longer Serves Us

Co-hosted by Kate Sutherland and Sasha Padron

The weekend of October 22-24, 2021

Hi Friends!

Please join us for a weekend of heart and spiritual "detox" as we take a look at our inner landscapes, and explore how we continue to grow on our Human Journey.

​Just as the winds of fall bring a change of energy to the world around us—in these parts we see leaves turning brilliant colours before the tree releases them to the ground—we too will respond to the moving of the seasons, as reflected by our inner natures. Let us consciously harvest the blessings of this past growing season, and work to let go of anything we’re ready to shed for the purposes of growth and renewal.  Like the trees and those leaves—we will come to recognize the beauty of our lessons, before letting die what no longer serves us.

Lighten your heart, so that in a few weeks when the snow falls gently down to cover the earth, you are ready to let new seeds germinate, nourished by the wonderful “compost” of the previous season.

Our process will involve the practices of

  • Chi Kung,
  • Asking good questions and journaling,
  • Sharing, listening, and being witness to each other,
  • Creating intentional art,
  • Bringing our voices together in song for the purposes of connecting deeper, and supporting each other in our catharsis.
  • Eating good food and enjoying beautiful fires!

Dates and Times: October 22 - 24

Friday 4 pm arrival time, depart by 2 pm on Sunday (after lunch and clean up)

Location: just outside of Hastings, Ontario

​Energy exchange for the weekend: sliding scale $225 - $275 (includes some meals, snacks and hot drinks, and art materials)

*This is an outdoor event, so bring a tent and warm clothes so you can stay the nights feeling ALIVE and COMFORTABLE!*

​This event will be co-hosted by myself and the lovely Sasha Padron. 

More detailed information (directions, what to bring) will follow upon registration. 

Feel free to get in touch with questions in the meantime.

​To register, please contact Sasha Padron at

More detailed information (directions, what to bring, etc) will be provided upon registration

Like an autumn leaf that falls

so lightly to the ground

Peacefully I come to rest

I lay my body down...

Listen to the wind that carries

echoes of seasons past

to bury

To the earth we shall return

be transformed through lessons learned...

HeartSong Weekend Intensive


Deepen Your Relationship with Song and Sounding over a weekend of focused and inspired mini-workshops, song sharing circles, time spent in nature, good food and good company. We will meet you where you're at, and gently push the edges of your comfort zone wider through witnessed and held song and sounding experience. Explore tools for integrating song into your daily life, as a connection practice for relating to the natural world and yourself.

You don't have to be a song writer, or experienced singer to attend. This workshop is for you and your voice, wherever you find yourself.

Co-facilitators: Kate Sutherland and Kim Brodey

Energy Exchange: 
Early Bird (up to Jan 31): $295 
After Jan 31: $335 
Includes dorm-style or tent lodging, as well as meals Saturday and Sunday (guests bring a dish for potluck Friday night) 

Location: Rosseau Sanctuary, Hekkla Ontario

Songlines from the Facilitators... 


My personal relationship with Music feeds me in so many ways, for which I am endlessly grateful. It allows me to explore a rich self-awareness and empowerment journey, deepen my nature and community connection, and dance with life awake and inspired. My purpose for song medicine is to (re)connect people with their birthright to sing, to inspire movement and growth, to bring positivity, hope, love and healing into the world. 

Many songs have come through me into the world, and it is my honour and joy to share this Gift with you all. 


In my 70 years of life, I have been on a journey, with curiosity as my guide, into our humanness, how we make connection, create intimacy, build bridges across differences, and come to know our belonging. 

This journey of healing has been wild and wonder-filled, all fundamental in my development as a facilitator. My intention for all gatherings is we create an engaging and vibrant context, where we explore new territory that invites curiosity, permission and creativity. 

I have had many professions and life experiences. Rural midwife, musician, actor, 37-years of marriage, raising children, grand-mothering, and over 45 years of teaching. All this has, and continues to hone my skills as witness, listener, and mentor.