Exploring Women's Gifts & Responsibilities

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Rosseau Sanctuary, Rosseau, Ontario

Hello Friends!

Do you ever feel a rising within you, a glimpse-feeling of something powerful wanting to emerge into full expression? Perhaps it's accompanied by a sense of calmness, deep inner knowing, fear, restlessness, urgency, helplessness, joy, snippets of clarity and truth, or of surrendering to mysteries yet to unfold...?

Take Courage! Embrace your Beauty.

Join me in celebrating and exploring our Sacred Gifts & Responsibilities through song medicine, art, nature meditation time, body movement, heart-conversation and ceremony.

This gathering is open to anybody who identifies as being a woman. Please note that some of our discussion will likely enter the realm of the Sacred Gifts of the Feminine that are directly related to female biology-- e.g. Vision Medicine of Moontime, the Womb, and Childbirth.

The Rosseau Sanctuary offers beautiful space, both inside the spacious log house and in the nature surrounding.

Energy Exchange: $350 (includes delicious food and accommodations, art materials)

Early Bird discount: $325 (Register before October 1)

Space is Limited!

Lots of Love, In Sisterhood, Kate