Wild Belonging

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Kennebec Lake, Arden, Ontario

This event is being run by Wilder Connections, and will be co-facilitated by Carly Joynt (Wilder Connections), Laura Gilmour (Wild Muskoka Botanicals) and Kate Sutherland (Yours Truly!).

You may have noticed, the idea of slowing down, striving less, and connecting deeply is not exactly encouraged by the dominant narrative- of course there’s nothing wrong with the fast lane, but do you ever wonder what might get lost in the modern hustle, far from the days of the village?

Whether you’re caught up in the grind, or carrying some inner storm, yearning to down regulate or needing to refresh with a new perspective, tending a connection to the land and to each other can can return us to ourselves, and provide powerful tools to navigate the wilderness within.

Details for this 3-day, guided retreat- in community and on the land:

When: March 21-24, 2024. Arrival before 9pm on Thursday evening departure after lunch on Sunday:)

Where: At a private cabin on Kennebec Lake, Arden Ontario

Why: To return home with greater clarity, more light and less to carry:)

For more information and to register, visit https://www.wilderconnections.com/retreats, or email Carly at carly.joynt.counselling@gmail.com

$350 - $550 If you’re gainfully employed, the invitation is to pay the full price, otherwise please choose a place along the scale that works for your budget.