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All Songs by Kate Sutherland
Performed by:
Kate Sutherland, Monica Maile, Deanna Hergert, Carolyn Ross, Kristen Sutherland, Stephanie Drouin, Carly Joynt, Jenny Ross, Johanna Hart, Mila Redwood, Michael McCarthy, and Paul Barton. Special Thanks for Paul Barton for lending not only his voice but his guitar and drumming talents.
Recorded & Mixed by Garrin Carter.
Recorded at Rivermead, in Eden Mills, Ontario, February 2020.


Oh world of green
of medicine and wonder
canopy of leaves
that I take shelter under
boughs hanging low
with fruit that's flourishing
blankets of weeds
to heal and nourish me

Spirit of the Ancient Ones
you've been around longer than I
honoured elder wisdom
our roots are timelessly entwined