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All Songs by Kate Sutherland
Performed by:
Kate Sutherland, Monica Maile, Deanna Hergert, Carolyn Ross, Kristen Sutherland, Stephanie Drouin, Carly Joynt, Jenny Ross, Johanna Hart, Mila Redwood, Michael McCarthy, and Paul Barton. Special Thanks for Paul Barton for lending not only his voice but his guitar and drumming talents.
Recorded & Mixed by Garrin Carter.
Recorded at Rivermead, in Eden Mills, Ontario, February 2020.


Hmmmmmm - doo doo

Where am I in the knowing of my grief?
Am I still clinging to a deep-rooted cultural belief
That there's something wrong when I don't feel strong,
There's something bad about being sad,
That I’ve got to rise up
Clean up
Wipe those tears away
With the back of my hand…?

Can I plant the seed and watch the roots grow deep?
Can I tend my grief with a promise I will keep?
Know that if I’m never destroyed I can’t know joy
That I’ve got to lean in to find meaning
If I don’t dive in
I can’t awaken in
The fullness of my Human Experience

Can you fall on your knees
Can you cry out from deep within
Can you see in your tears
That there’s beauty in everything