1. Feel First

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While the mind is a very useful tool, it is meant to assist the heart in the carrying out of its spiritual knowing of the right path. In the dominant culture where I live, it's more common to hand the reigns of decision-making over to the mind, which leads to fear-based life choices and constant worry about the trivial. This song is a reminder to make that transformation from Mind to Heart and Spirit dominance in our daily conduct.

All Songs by Kate Sutherland
Performed by:
Kate Sutherland, Monica Maile, Deanna Hergert, Carolyn Ross, Kristen Sutherland, Stephanie Drouin, Carly Joynt, Jenny Ross, Johanna Hart, Mila Redwood, Michael McCarthy, and Paul Barton. Special Thanks for Paul Barton for lending not only his voice but his guitar and drumming talents.
Recorded & Mixed by Garrin Carter.
Recorded at Rivermead, in Eden Mills, Ontario, February 2020.


Feel, feel first
And lean in
To where your heart takes you;
It’s where your truth begins

Lean, lean in
And believe
That where your heart takes you
Is where you need to be

If the way I walk is like a pie I give my heart the bigger slice
And fear from corners of my mind slips in
And tries to take the knife

Breathe out and move with it
Disarm old patterns with new choice
Life is full of love, so groove with it
Give inner knowing louder voice