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All Songs by Kate Sutherland
Performed by:
Kate Sutherland, Monica Maile, Deanna Hergert, Carolyn Ross, Kristen Sutherland, Stephanie Drouin, Carly Joynt, Jenny Ross, Johanna Hart, Mila Redwood, Michael McCarthy, and Paul Barton. Special Thanks for Paul Barton for lending not only his voice but his guitar and drumming talents.
Recorded & Mixed by Garrin Carter.
Recorded at Rivermead, in Eden Mills, Ontario, February 2020.


Heard a Dream Bird sing a thing or two
"There exists a Truth that is truer than true
And there's a You that's you-er than you in that Truth,
So wake up to what you are."

Wake up, wake up to your Beauty,
Wake up, wake up to your Beauty
Wake up, wake up to your Beauty
Wake up to what you are