1. Chickadee Song
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Chickadee Song

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Written by Steve Olson


On one cold and wintry morning
I slipped out from inside a tree
with feathers bent and body shaking
Another day I live to see

'Dear Sweetie' (whistle)
please hear me
singing from the willow tree

With my tribe we'll scour the forest
looking for some grubs and seeds
I will stash some for the lean times
so I'll have some strength to sing

On the trail the house cat follows
we will gather round and see
With one mind we all shall scold him

When you slip inside the forest
your secret spot is safe with me
You will hear my wings a thrumming
as I flit from tree to tree

But coming through the darkening forest
a raptor glides so silently
and I was killed to feed its children
Never more you'll hear me sing

Now in the spring the buds are bursting
oh what joy the year shall bring
Hear the cries of little nestlings
in good time you'll hear them sing