1. Little Wonders
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Little Wonders

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Little wonder, baby mine,
time for Mama’s lullabye
hear my words and close your eyes
calm and sweet, your eyes so bright

We had ourselves a busy day
with lots of time outside to play
big adventures came our way
beauty and mysteries through the day

Taste of sparkle moving stream
hard bits under palm and knee
touch of soft from sea of green
hold this one high for Mama to see

there were creepers, walkers, cheepers, chimers
crawlers, flyers, swingers, climbers
ones that blur and ones that linger
ones that crawl onto my fingers
some go high and some go low
and some things I will never know
big ones small ones, short ones tall ones
dull ones, bright ones, dark and light ones,
some stand still and others flow
some things weather some things grow
there’s blue and green and yellow and red
as I lay down they fill my head…

Don’t worry baby as you sleep
a watchful heart and mind I keep
So let your budding dreams go deep
Little wonders, steep and steep
Little wonders, steep and steep