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Can You Run?

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Can you run like the red fox runs?
by the moon or by the sun
catching mice for the little ones
jump and lift all four feet so much fun

Can you go where the cottontails go?
through the thickets keeping low?
watch out for the hawk above – oh no!
Gotta run fast, gotta zig-zag home

Can you fly like the Osprey fly?
Circle, looping in the sky?
watch me plunge I take a dive
down into the water feel alive

Can you swim like the salmon swims?
Up the river, swish my fins
Up to where new life begins
a nest of rocks I lay my eggs in

Do you see what the coyotes sees?
Through the boughs of the cedar trees
The moon is full and I am free
yip yip yip yipyip yip yip-eee!