1. Human Mother

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Human Mother

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I am a human mother
My boy he loves to dance
Rhythm flows through his mind and his body
and it flows through his feet and his hands

My hope as a human mother
is that he always remembers to dance
by the rhythm that flows through his body
and his mind and his spirit and his hands

By the bones of his great grandfathers
and his great grandmothers and
the stones of the earth
My son will one day be a great-grandfather
was a great-grandfather on the day of his birth
Let it be, let it be, let it be

I am a human mother
Just as I am a daughter and a granddaughter,
just as I am a great-granddaughter
So too I am a mother of grandfathers
So too I am a mother of great-grandmothers
A mother of future elders I am
A mother of elders I am