1. Cycle in Bloom

From the recording Hope's Starlings ~ Murmurations

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Cycle in Bloom

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Red warmth emanates from your core
and I'm drawn, drawn, drawn
I feel the heat radiate
through the cracks in your skin
like the dawn, dawn dawn

A red river flows in the springtime
Winter's gone, gone, gone
I do the work of my lineage
as the cycle that's in bloom
to carry on, on, on

I feel your Grace and I thank you
for carrying me when I don't feel so strong
for cradling all those parts of me still broken
the pieces that don't know
you've held them all along

If I could plant just one seed
in the garden of our collective soul
it would be love, love, love
compassion for all life, embodied connection
and spirit thereof, of, of.