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Dark Wild Honey

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This song is about embracing the wholeness of self, so much richer in that fullness. To integrate the griever, to know her~ the power, beauty and gifts she brings~ and to grow with her.


The grief that I'm holding
on this cold lonely morning
I sit with where I'm at
as grey as the skies

I just keep breathing
to be in my body
heavy and solid
I close my eyes

Don't try to refine me
I'm Dark Wild Honey
Come taste the full richness
so raw/whole world on your tongue
If you want white sugar
remove me from wholeness
but you'll find you're still hungry
when the sweet high is done

It's part of who I am
and so this is beauty
and I can embrace it
ugly and all
once I can feel it
I can integrate it
Oh start the weaving
so I can move now and grow