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Pray, Practice Love/Wash Me Clean

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A medley about Love being a practice, a choice of action rather than something we need to go find somewhere. And when we falter there's the cleansing waters of a storm to wash us clean so that we can get up again and continue our practice.

The "Oh (don't)" is a dual plea for the storm to do its work and bring me to my knees so that I can push off the bottom and start swimming upwards again. The “Oh” is this yearning for this to happen, the "don't" is the part of me that resists because it can be so damn hard. They are simultaneous, and equally valid aspects of human experience.


Pray, Practice Love
Pray, Practice Love
Love is action

Love is not seeking to be sought
Love is a practice, a way to walk

Love is not waiting to be found
Love is a practice-- put it on the ground

I pray the storm will break
Oh (don't) let it break me down
water wash over me
wash me clean
I lie in the rain
Until I’m born again