1. Carry

From the recording The 52 Songs Project

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I wrote this song while on a sister road trip away from my family. While I missed them like crazy, it was a beautiful replenishing time of “Mama Renewal.” I pray for the continued ability to
remember and to make time for the tools that allow me to dance in alignment, so that I can best tend the life that Great Spirit has given me, and all the living beings that have been placed into my care. I am the Hearth Tender of my family, the nurturer, the warmth for our children. I am eternally grateful to my partner Skeet, who understands the importance of Mama self care, for the good of the whole family.
Feeling rejuvenated at a certain point in my trip, I was ready to be home, to bring back to my family an incredible fullness of heart, a dedicated passion to motherhood, and an endlessly deep pool of love.


Oooh ooh, oooh ooh
Oooh ooh, oooh ooh

Carry in my heart
Water and a flame
an earthen home to tend all life
spirit-given to my care

Remember what I need
to move within my centre

Hear my prayer
my Sacredmost intention
To dance with
to tend
to grow
the home within my heart
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go