1. Phoenix

From the recording The 52 Songs Project

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I woke up from a dream one morning with this new song stuck in my head. It tells the story of dying in order to be reborn, and the need to let go of the
illusions we cling to in order to do so. It is ok~ and actually necessary~ to
constantly let parts of ourselves die, because it is only from death that new
life can come forth. In this way, we can constantly renew who we are, we can grow, change, evolve, wisen, become the next generation of ourseves. Shed the skins and perceptions that no longer serve, let go of the false projections we put on ourselves and others. Let die the old debilitating stories that we tell ouselves, the ones that keep us stuck in old patterns and places.


Phoenix catches fire and burns
Is born of the ashes,
and continues his journey
of rebirth
like the earth
we die in order to transform

Hanging from the edge of a precipice, afraid to fall
I recognize it’s my ego that I’m clinging to, a wall
Let it die
Let it go
so I can be reborn

It’s not over with the flames
Let the fire makes its claim

Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart
Your heart will be the first to know