1. Change

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There's a low rumbling, like a drum-beat percolation, a vibration felt more than heard that times are a-changin' and it's time to step up into our gifts and stand for what we believe in.


Feel it in my bones
something's got to give
'cause love can't be undone
and the people choose to live

Waves of dark and light
fight to be the tide
Something bigger is at work here
come, bear witness do not hide

pray for what you already know
inside old wisdom grows
long ago sewn within the heart of people
Great Spirit guide me
Show me to remember who I am
until all that exists is
I don't know myself as separate from all others
Until I give my all
it's all I've got to give

something's gonna change
some things have got to change

The clouds are moving over now
blocking out the sun
still I have faith in the evermore
the cleansing rains will come