A Much-Awaited Album is Underway!

Your pre-order will go a long way in supporting me to bring you this wonderful new material, featuring all-new original songs. Recording is scheduled for Feb 2020, with album release date set for late spring of the same year. Here is where you can pre-order your hard or digital copy, and support me in bringing this project to completion. A CD will be mailed to you hot off the press!

All pre-order funds will be going towards recording and production costs, with my HUGE GRATITUDE! 

SPECIAL OFFER: When you order your hard copy CD now, you will receive a FREE download of the first Hope's Starlings album, Murmurations. CD purchase also comes with a free download of the new album.

Hope Starlings II - Be the Change

Kate Sutherland

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Coming Spring 2020!

The time has finally come for round two of one of my most popular albums!(Hope's Starlings Murmurations, 2014)

All-new original songs by Kate Sutherland, joined in mesmerizing harmony by many beautiful voices.

Empowering song-mantras, natural reflections, and heart-inspired calls to joy and action. Listen in quiet calm, sing along, or teach and sing in community.

Expected release: April 24, 2020

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