Cry Like a Baby

As the snow melts, the natural landscape around our home becomes a complex vein-like network of little streams. I hear the spiraling flow as a constant throughout the day, musical and watery.  The vascular aspect of Mother Earth in early spring reminds me of our bodily connection; I look with appreciation at my own physical form, the blue rivers I see on the backs of my hands, running down the length of my arms. Outside, sap flows up tree trunks from waking roots to nourish sleepy fingertip branches; my own chi flows from my centre to my extremities with energetic excitement, bringing a sense of vitality and inspiration for more body movement and exercise. 

The deep personal reflection time of winter is drawing to a close, and the sun feels warm on my skin for the first time in months. I feel my shoulders relax, and tension drains through those rivers in my body.  I recognize all the good hard personal work I’ve done over the quiet months of winter– the serious inner tracking, the questioning and re-affirming/re-birthing who I truly am and what my heart-path is, and the examining how closely I am living that vision.  All the lessons I’ve gained through reflection and sharing over the integration months of winter are loosened from their perches and join in the flow of water that moves through me. 

This is the transition of winter to spring – a shifting, like hardened ice floes breaking up, being processed back into a liquid flowing current.  With the thawing of hardened crystals comes a release, and it spills.  I embrace the beauty of the tears that feel so close to the surface much of the time– all the types of tears! Tears of joy, awe, and wonder at the beautiful world awakening around me.  Tears of grief. Tears of gratitude.  I find myself being moved to tears watching Disney’s Moana, or listening to the Chickadees calling out for a future mate. Heck, I even cried bringing in the groceries the other day, as if I was seeing for the first time the sheer abundance of good food so readily available for me and my family to gain nourishment from. 

It is wonderful– I am a river with banks overflowing with the runoff of winter’s work.  And there is so much life just waiting to burst forth, in spiraling growth towards the light.

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