Kung Fu

Wellness Training

Kung Fu is a wonderful way to improve your fitness, develop discipline, deepen your self-awareness and so much more! The traditional practice goes far beyond learning self-defense, hand-to-hand combat techniques, and weapons training (although those are definitely a part of it).  Another important aspect is knowing how and when to quiet your mind and strengthen your chi through meditation. True martial artists know great peace; they have met their dragons and know how to ride them. If you dedicate yourself to training in Kung Fu and Chi Kung, you will discover a world of benefits. There are layers of meaning and beauty in the technical animal forms, and your creativity can be unleashed in making these ancient practices your own. The learning and rewards of this discipline are endless.

I have been training with Temple Knights Martial Arts Academy for the past several years. I currently offer online classes through the Academy, and also incorporate Kung Fu into my other programs and offerings. 

Feel free to check out the Graceful Warrior Wellness Training journey,  my Private Mentoring page, or contact me for more details.