What is Living From Heart? 

“Find your medicine and use it.”                                            ~ Nahko Bear  

Most of us live in a very mind-dominant culture. Living from Heart is the practice of letting the voice of the heart be what guides our actions and footsteps. I believe this is the path to living a richer, fuller life, where our creativity emerges and becomes the driving force of our journeys. Walking this way allows us to personally thrive in our unique gifts and purpose. And, by natural extension, we come to best-serve the world around us in beauty.

I believe that we owe it to each other to share our gifts. We actually need each other to do so in order for mutual thriving to take place. By living from heart, and welcoming and celebrating others’ creativity, humanity can empower our fullest potential for connection, for health and happiness– ultimately, for flourishing as sacred living beings.

Through sharing my own inspiration and creativity as an extension of Living from Heart, it is my hope and purpose to inspire others to do the same.

Imagine a culture where people deeply explore who they are, and are committed to life-long growth supported by community, where owning and embodying their natural passions and talents leads them to do the creative work that they are meant to in this life.

Imagine being able to recognize (without threat to the sensitive ego!) and truly celebrate the universal light carried in the hearts of every person, as it manifests in their own gift expression.

Imagine children growing up in a culture that empowers spiritual oneness as well as individual beauty.

Imagine our collective power.

We need to do it for ourselves so that we can support it for each other. 

Spirit-Given Medicine

From Spirit-given medicine

my gifts can manifest

as the tide that keeps me moving

through my worst and through my best

I choose to lay them on the table

I could keep those cards close to my chest

but what would feed the human nation

when time comes for the test?

So won’t you open up the bundle

that’s waiting for you to decide

reveal the path that’s most worth walking

is the one starts from inside