Home Workshops

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These workshop offerings can be specially-sculpted to suit your specific desires and needs. Nested in each topic basket below you’ll find examples of what I would love to bring to you and your community!


  • Find Your Voice – Gentle, exploratory questions and exercises to bring out and celebrate one of your sacred birthrights– your own voice!
  • The Art of Song-Moving – A Look at the Creative Process and Intuition in Nature-Inspired Songwriting
  • “Join the Chorus!” Song as Group Experience – Sing, sing, sing! Build your repertoire and confidence, with joy!


  • Cooking with the Elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth
  • Putting in the Love – Setting the Energetic Stage for Food Honouring & Meal Creation
  • Food as Medicine – Healthy & Mindful Nourishment Perspectice and Practices
  • Fermented Goodness – Nutritional Benefits & Recipes (Kimchi/Sauerkraut, Kefir, Sour Dough, Beverages)
  • The Medicine and Wild Edibles – Food Creation & Wild Populations Caretaking
  • Organic on a Budget – Generating Abundance: Home-Growing, Meal Planning, and Mentality-Shifting


  • Nourish your Body – Creating Personal Care Products from All-Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Nature of Self-Portraiture – Drawing as a Self-Connection Practice


  • Body Movement and Sense Meditations – Dialogue and Dance with Mother Nature, Find her Rhythms
  • The Art of Seeing – Drawing as Nature Connection Practice

Logistical Information

  • Duration: Home workshops are generally 2-3 hours
  • Pricing:
    • $39-49/person (varies according to materials required)
    • Minimum workshop fee costs are based on 8 people (e.g, if you have 4 people, it would be $78-98 each)
    • Depending on where you are located, gas/travel expenses will also be added to your overall cost

Contact Kate for more information or to make a booking today.

Scheduled Workshops

If you’re looking for a longer, more immersion experience…


  • Connecting to the Elements through Song – Day-Long Workshop 
    Explore your voice in relationship to the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  Practice heart-opening, and feel how your body, breath and spirit are all connected to the building blocks of life.  Add your voice to the chorus of the universe. You will go home with heart-opening and vocal exercises, connection-deepening practices to integrate into your personal routine, and many new songs for your repertoire.
    • Date: April 15, 10am – 5pm
    • Location: Toronto, ON (Bayview & Lawrence area)
    • Cost: $65-125 (includes lunch)
      We are offering this course with the invitation to select how much you would like to pay. No matter how much you pay, you’ll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will support with whatever monetary gratitude they can afford for this nourishing work.

    REGISTER HERE! Spaces are limited.

  • Connecting to the Elements through Song – Weekend Immersion

    We will expand on the concepts, practices and exercises as described above in the day-long workshop version, with the added benefit of having more time (and an evening fire!) to deepen the experience. You will have the opportunity to really sink in and  explore what each element has to offer in your singing and song-moving journey.

    • Dates: September 29-October 1
    • Location: Baysville, ON
    • Cost: $225-325
      We are offering this course with the invitation to select how much you would like to pay. No matter how much you pay, you’ll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will support with whatever monetary gratitude they can afford for this nourishing work.



  • Celebrating Women’s Gifts – A huge part of effectively integrating self-care into your life is knowing yourself and your needs.  The Celebrating Women’s Gifts workshop series offers a safe and nourishing space to do some good inner tracking and energy work, interwoven with self-care practices and personal time. Oh yeah, and we eat great food and laugh a lot.
    • Not currently scheduled for 2017


  • Wilderness Skills for Women  Especially designed for women, this program weaves the dance of the feminine into honing various wilderness living skills and practices, centered around the Sacred Four:  Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food.
    • Dates: July 28-30
    • Location: Baysville, ON
  • Empowering Ancient Ways – A you ready to create a serious nature skills tool kit for yourself? The core skills of this course bring together the most well-rounded and universal wilderness wisdom and teachings into three weekend sessions.  An intense “download” broken up with lots of hands-on time, you will go home with a priceless resource which you can continue to unpack and hone for the rest of your life!
  • Course topics include:
    • Shelter, Water, Fire, Food
    • Wildlife Tracking
    • Bird language, concentric rings and the base line symphony of nature
    • Stone, bone, and antler tools and usage
    • Tree and Plant Fibers- Harvesting, Processing and Preserving
    • Tanning and Preserving Hides and Animal Skins in various ways
    • Wild Edible, Medicinal and Utilitarian applications
    • Traditional Hunting and Trapping methods
    • Stalking, Natural Movement, and Camouflage
    • Stewardship and Caretaker Ethics Emphasized
    • Empowering our ecological footprint (your tracks)
    • Traditional cooking and food preservation
    • Container making
  • Dates:
    • Session 1 – May 19-22
    • Session 2 – July 14-16
    • Session 2 – August 18-20
  • Location: Baysville, ON

These programs (and many others) are run through my partner’s Sticks & Stones Wilderness School, which I highly encourage you to explore if you are looking to really dig your feet into the earth and get your hands dirty! Check out the line-up of wilderness living skills, sacred hunt practices, and deep nature connection mentoring courses and programs.

One-on-One Mentoring

Whether you’re looking to deepen self-awareness, create personal routine around intentional connective practices, draw out your inner voice, or build accountability into your own stepping into gifts process, I’d be happy to develop a personalized program with you.  The ideal schedule includes goal setting, personal assignments, journaling and art exercises, and regular (monthly) one-on-one check-in phone calls.

Please contact me for more information; I’d love to hear your story.

Catering Services

Let me cook for you!

Do you have an upcoming event or retreat that could use some deeply nourishing and delicious food? I’d be happy to discuss options to suit your needs – whether it’s cooking for you at your home or cottage, delivering ready-made meals, or joining you in a rented space to tend the central hearth fire, there are endless possibilities!