What is Living From Heart? 

“Find your medicine and use it.”                                            ~ Nahko Bear  

Most of us live in a very mind-dominant culture. Living from Heart is the practice of letting the voice of the heart be what guides our actions and footsteps. I believe this is the path to living a richer, fuller life, where our creativity emerges and becomes the driving force of our journeys. Walking this way allows us to personally thrive in our unique gifts and purpose. And, by natural extension [READ MORE]

Song is in our Nature

Much of my song inspiration comes from nature, and from witnessing how beautiful humans are in our relationships with each other and the natural world. Our entanglement may seem complex, but can also be thought of so simply: we’re all striving for connection.

Emerging research shows that people are unhappy when they’re disconnected from nature. The science supports a more intuitive awareness that has always been true (maybe you know it in your heart?): we are nature, and to be disconnected is to be in the dark [READ MORE]

Mindful Nourishment

Heart-guided living gets lots of accolades on this website, because for those of us living in the west, our culture is unhealthily skewed towards mind-dominance. All of our relationships– including that which we have with food–are shaped largely by our minds. We could all benefit from more of a balance in this regard.

But let’s start where we’re at. Because our minds are wonderful things, and very useful in many ways, especially as we begin to re-train our brains [READ MORE]

A Shift in Perspective

Re-claiming Self-Care 

Mine has been a very gratifying journey of personal inner work to find a healthy relationship with the idea of “self-care.”  When I was younger, I viewed taking time for myself as an indulgence. A hot bath or an hour of reading a novel was something along the lines of “you deserve this,” or “you earned it,” so enjoy. I could never fully sink into the depths of its restorative medicine, because I had myself on a timer, and guilt held a significant space in my subconscious. I was not alone in this deep-rooted belief [READ MORE]

We are All One

When it comes to everything, all paths lead to nature, which is everything.

I don’t know if I can be any more vague.

I don’t know if I can be any more clear.

It’s hard not to sound abstract when attempting to use words to describe the way everything is everything else, the way infinite synchronicities and repeating patterns in nature teach us that, layer upon layer, everything in existence is actually all one [READ MORE]