As a thank you to all my supporters, for a limited time when you order a hard copy of The 52 Songs Project you’ll receive my popular solo album Connection Sketches for free!

In early 2016, I set a goal to write and share one new song every week for a year. Each song as well as its story and meaning was recorded and published online. Supporters and fans were given the invitation to sing and share the layered harmonies with others for the sake of experiencing the joy that comes from using our voices and bringing them together. Most of the works explore deepening connection and awareness through listening to and relating to the wonders of nature, as well as through paying attention to the worlds that exist within our hearts. The process of this 52-week challenge taught me a lot about who I am as a song mover, and how using my gifts as a creative and expressive tool serves me (and others) in moving through obstacles and challenges that arise in the flowing tide of life’s river. They also allow for the acknowledgement and celebration of moments of beauty and achievement.

This album features selected works from the 52 Songs Project. The chosen songs represent some of the favourites, re-worked with some new energy and fun twists. I have so much gratitude for having taken the opportunity to embark on this journey. Enormous appreciation also goes out to my family, friends and fans who supported me along the way. My huge heartfelt thanks also to Fabio Palermo, for all of his hard and creative work recording, mixing, mastering and otherwise playing with the songs. Thank you, Great Spirit, for this gift of Song, and for instructing me to follow my heart.

I’m pleased to announce the album is now ready to order.

ORDER NOW and you’ll receive my popular solo album Connection Sketches for free!