I pulled up this song from my 52 Songs Project last year, after visiting our old homeland territory recently.  Although I can safely say I’m on the other side of the transition period that comes with uprooting and moving, I would like to honour where I was at not so long ago, as I adapted to the changes.

 (The following is from almost one year ago)

To sing keeps things moving. Escapism… catharsis… medicine. Expressing myself through song helps me to shift from one body of consciousness to another; if I’m suck in the emotional, a shift to the soothing rhythms of a song’s energy can be enough to pull me out long enough to remember that the horizon exists, even if I can’t see it through the darkness of the woods.

I visited some beautiful land this weekend, where a dear friend lives, and where she and I held space for a group of wonderful people to come together and sing. What a beautiful experience it was. And after a day of sharing with so many brave, open and curious voices, I found myself also greeting some personal grief that needed release.

The land I was visiting is very close to where I grew up, and very similar to the habitat that my family and I moved from only (already!) half a year ago. To put it simply: my body and heart have been missing this land, and all I wanted to do was sink into it and be held. And to sleep, for days, cradled in my earth mother’s arms.

The rugged landscape of our new home is a fierce beauty that I whole-heartedly look forward to deepening my connection with and firmly grounding in. But today, even as I call in the faith, I allow myself to yearn and grieve for a place that I really know and call home in my bones.

Here is an expression of that.

Put My Faith In

Do I know this road I’m on so far from home
The wind blows is cold, cuts through me to the bone
Underfoot, the sharpest stones
though I know I’m not alone

The nights they get much darker here; I am enclosed
my eyes miss the horizon of the land I know
I stumble feeling halfway blind
though I know the stars still shine

Oh my, oh my
Oh my, oh my

Put my faith in
new horizons wide

Put my faith in
Put my faith in
Put my faith in
Put my faith in