Spring ephemerals never cease to warm my heart with their delicate perseverance, their faith in the light up above the snow that’s barely melted. They remind me of my own spirit’s resilience– that despite those moments when my petals feel super thin and fragile, I’m actually stronger than I think… I’m actually built to endure.

As their name suggests, these flowers don’t last long. But they bring joy, and promise of an abundance of life to follow. They serve such a beautiful purpose, early nourishment for pollinators and insects who are also newly emerging. They are the pioneers of each new year’s abundant life– new cycles beginning.

Spring Beauty

Spring beauty

A joy to see the way you grow

the way you grow

Your spirit rising

Pushing up through the snow

Hope you bring in your fragile beauty

The way you grow, the way you grow

Sing the song of Life to Come

pushing up through the snow