We all do this, Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing in the same way repeatedly hoping for a different result. So why do you keep on making the same mistake?

I recently received this question so I thought I’d share a bit of my perspective… I’d be curious to hear your thoughts as well!

Mistakes are opportunities for growth. They could be considered a curse, a blessing, or both, depending on what you do with them. Curses and blessings are one and the same.

When we are presented with a choice and make a decision that causes grief or harm (either to ourselves, other people, nature, or any combination thereof), the next step is to look inside. We must explore our inner landscape of past and present experience, to understand the “why.” Once we can identify why we made a particular choice, we then have another choice: to spend the time and energy working towards shifting our sometimes-deeply-ingrained patterns into something new… or to just let it go and forget about it (for now…).

If we choose to spend the energy and are successful in shifting our patterns, we evolve and grow. If we do not do this inner work, then like a boomerang, life will fling that same opportunity for growth back at us in another form. This will keep happening until we decide to learn the needed lesson.

We actually attract learning scenarios to us, so it’s not about unlucky circumstance, it’s about choice. It’s also about compassion and curiosity towards self, looking inside to grow deeper connection with understanding who we are, why we are triggered to do the things we do.

Examples of questions you might ask yourself upon “making a mistake” (or as I prefer to say, “facing a growth opportunity”):

What belief am I holding onto that keeps me stuck here?

What unconscious reward(s) am I obtaining from making this “mistake”?

What story am I telling myself that allows me to stay in a place of restriction? What am I afraid to move away from?

What “unconscious scripts” am I playing out rather than questioning?

And remember….

Invite expansion!
Invite curiosity!
Invite gratitude for growth opportunity!