Coming full-circle with this creative challenge of writing one song every week for a year is flooding me with a mix of feelings. Extreme pleasure in the success of birthing so many new song (sketches) into the world. Joy and humility at having had the process witnessed by and shared with you all. Grief that it’s come to an end. Uncertainty and excitement as to how to carry the lessons and momentum forward. Gratitude for the accountability aspect that has really charged me with utilizing the gifts I walk with in this world. Gratitude also for the deepening of my understanding of what my music means to me, how it serves me in countless ways. Determination to continue on this path, and to forge new ones, that inspire me to access and draw from my own spirit-given tool-set for moving things through, processing…. life, and all it brings.

Light the Way

I’d like to share the final song written for the project, which visits the theme of life coming from death. Newness being born of the old, so that the two are barely distinguishable, they’re just part of the same universe of living Spirit and its endless cycles. As this project comes to an end, another is born in its place.

I wonder about how life and death would be understood without the perception of time. Maybe they would be the same thing; rather than as opposite-pole-perpetuators of change, movement and growth, they might be perceived in their purest form: Life. Spirit itself.    

The last breath

of a dying bird

becomes the wind

that carries the seed

The final flutter

of her wings

fans the fire

that rages through the decay

The light that fades

from her eyes

is the Spirit

that illuminates a long-forgotten darkness

Death lights the way

Death lights the way

Light the way

Light the way

The life-force, the passion, the Spirit that inspired and guided me through this process continues to stir in me, and I am at the very beautiful exciting place of deciding and sketching out how my music and other creativities might manifest on the next leg of my journey as a human being.